We have Joint venture with the Leading European Manufacturer-Biglia, Italy for phased manufacturing of Multi-Tasking, Multi-Axes Turn-Mills & Integrated CNC Turning cum Machining Centre.

These Biglia Multi-Tasking, Multi-Axes Turning Machines are available under business co-operation between Galaxy and the Leading European Manufacturer-Biglia, Italy. These Biglia machines exceed in comparison with Quality, Specification & Features of any other Competing Products. Better Value Addition per Part and Very High Precision are the major advantages of these High Technology machines.


Founded back in 1958, BIGLIA have expanded constantly over the years to become the leading Italian manufacturer of CNC lathes and turning centers.

From the very beginning BIGLIA has been committed to improving machine performances, reliability and the quality of their products and after-sales service.

Today BIGLIA is an industrial reality with 160 employees. Since 1958 BIGLIA have produced more than 10,000 machines, of which about 5,500 are CNC-lathes. Reliability, accuracy and performance are assured by using state-of- the-art components, by monitoring manufacturing process closely and employing advanced production technology wherever appropriate.

Since its foundation BIGLIA has been committed to design and manufacture high-quality, high-precision machines that guarantee our customers high flexibility.


The TAJMAC-ZPS a.s. Zlín company has been, in its contemporary history, active in India for more than ten years and during this time it has already delivered several dozen CNC machine tools to Indian private or state companies. Due to their limited manufacturing capacity they are not able to fully respond to the increasing demands of the rapidly expanding Indian market (1.3 billion inhabitants). This is why TAJMAC-ZPS company decided to establish their enterprise in India and, after more than two years of effort, TAJMAC-ZPS have found a suitable partner, sufficiently experienced, technically competent and with an existing trade network. The TAJMAC-ZPS have established joint enterprise for production of the MANURHIN CNC automatic lathes with GALAXY MACHINERY PVT. LTD, the main office in Bangalore and a manufacturing plant in Belgaum. After preparatory negotiations the Memorandum of Intent has been signed on 7th July 2016 by Mr. Michele Taiariol (TAJMAC-ZPS) and Mr. Subramanian Elango (GALAXY MACHINERY) in Belgaum, India. Subsequently, the same two persons signed the Memorandum of Understanding for Joint-Venture and the Non-Disclosure Agreement in Zlín on 30th June 2016. The enterprise has been registered under the name of GALAXY-TAJMAC MACHINERY PVT. LTD. The machines produced by GALAXY-TAJMAC MACHINERY will be sold on the Indian market only.


In 1944 the company employed more than 150 and was working around the clock to manufacture a lathe, called “Littore”, used on military vehicles. The bombing raids of 1944 caused the overnight destruction of the company facilities and forced Amedeo Tajariol to start all over again after the end of the war. The new company, Tajariol Macchine Utensili, now known as TAJMAC-MTM, started by salvaging machinery of war-damaged plants, rebuilding it and selling it to companies in an area which soon expanded to encompass the whole of Italy. Given Amedeo’s experience, it is not surprising how little time it took for the new company to specialize in the rebuilding of and trading in automatic lathes.

Amedeo’s first-born, Andrea Tajariol, joined TAJMAC in 1968 and dramatically expanded its activities by dealing directly with foreign suppliers and by becoming the Italian distributor for DAVENPORT and WICKMAN, two of the leading multi-spindle manufacturers of the time. The need to satisfy the constantly evolving market requirements compelled the Tajariol family to transform themselves from traders into manufacturers, and therefore into designers, of multi-spindle lathes. Hence the acquisition of WICKMAN, of MONEO (now TAJMAC-FRANCE), in the year 2000 of ZPS (now TAJMAC-ZPS) and of other Czech companies of the group: ZPS-SLEVARNA (the foundry), ZPS-GO, ZPS-TRASPORT, TECNIMETAL CZ. In Germany is estabilished TAJMAC-MSW company, in USA company ZPS-CNC USA. Next acquisition, the MANURHIN K’MX France in 2006 and most recent member of the TAJMAC GROUP, company ZPS AMERICA.

The determination to establish and maintain close and mutually satisfactory relations with customers led to setting up a network of agents and exclusive distributors which now extends to most countries of the world. In some of these (France, Great Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic), the distributors are branches of what is now commonly referred to as the “TAJMAC group”. Branches, distributors and agents all operate in the same manner as TAJMACMTM, advising and keeping in touch with the customer before and after purchase, assuring prompt servicing and spare parts delivery and providing all information required to keep the customer technologically updated.