We believe that the Customer is our Partner in Progress, a Stakeholder in our Success, and infact ….the very Purpose of our Existence !
Galaxy has presence in 24 locations around the Country ….and continuously growing ….for providing Service & Application Support to our esteemed Customers.
Our strength is providing very minimal MTTR (Mean Time to Repair). Our aim is to provide service at Zero Down Time at customer’s premises.
We take pride that our Post Warranty Cost of Ownership, Annual Maintenance Contract charges and Service Engineer Charges (Per hour basis) are the most competitive in the Machine-Tool Industry.
GALAXY CUSTOMER SUPPORT offers the following services :-
    • Installation & Commissioning
    • Training of Operators on Machine Operation and Machine Maintenance
    • Warranty service
    • Post-warranty service
    • Annual Maintenance Contracts
    • Preventive check-ups of machines – measuring machine geometry with issuing the protocol of precision
    • Spare Parts Stocking & Sale from Local Service Centers
    • Supplying spare parts within optimal number working days by means of:
      • Priority mail
      • Courier services
  • REGISTER AS USER ( for Ordering SERVICES / SPARES online ) :-
    • Place your Service Request / Spares Order online
    • Track your Order / delivery status in real time.
    • Access your Accounts Ledger and check credit balance.
    • Easy & Quick Payment Options through e Payment Gateways
Application centre division CNC - offer of services:-
Application centre division CNC deals with complex support of customers in the area of technologies and adjusting machine tools. The main activities of application centre are consulting and recommendation on technical solution, processing technological procedures and time studies on the required parts, machine adjustment, testing of machining, organizing specialized seminars, but also training staff and programming machines. The main goal of application centre is to help the customer when selecting machining centre, to make its putting into practice and implementation to production capacities easier.
    • CNC multi-spindle automatic lathes adjustment
    • Adjusting multi-spindle cams
    • Complex service of technical support
    • Technological procedures processing
    • Operation of machines training
    • Maintenance of machine training