Galaxy Machinery. Midas 6

Midas 6

The Midas 6 CNC Universal Turning Center is the perfect work horse for Job Shop applications. It has a very compact structure offering optimum use of available space in the workshop. The sturdy and the robust components such as the main bed, linear rails and spindle combined with powerful spindle motor allow you to achieve significant results: - optimal machining of all materials, especially tough alloys - reduction of cycle times and longer tool service life.
Key Features :-
  • Highest rapid traverse 40 m/min for X and Z axes
  • High spindle speed 4000 / 6000 rpm ( Optional )
  • Slant Bed for efficient chip disposal
  • 8 Station Tool Turret
  • Tail Stock
  • High Precision ball screws for X & Z axes
  • Precision Linear motion guides for X and Z axes
  • Lowest foot print area by compact layout of machine elements
  • Access doors to machine elements for easy maintenance
  • Compact and highly reliable interface hardware cabinet
  • Homing less axes operations using absolute encoders feed back
  • Optional hydraulic spindle brake for easy chuck/jaw removal
  • Separated Lube oil collection to prevent coolant contamination
  • Powerful interface software for machine functions with high safety
  • Ergonomically designed operator panel
  • Optional chucking systems, chip conveyor
  • Perfectly suited for adapting to Automation Solutions

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Turning diameter, Max. mm 240(9.45")  
Turning length, Max. mm 365(14.37")  
Swing clearance diameter      
over carriage mm 225 (8.86")  
over way covers mm 420 (16.54")  
Spindle size   A2-5  
Hole diameter through spindle mm 50(2")  
Front bearing bore size mm 80(3.14")  
Rear bearing bore size mm 65 (2.56)  
Chuck size mm 165(6")  
Chuck package   KITAGAWA Hollow  
Maximum Bar Capacity mm 40(1.575")  
Index Mechanism   Electro Mechanical  
No. of Tool Stations   8  
Turning Tool Shank Size mm 25x25x150 (1"x1"x6")  
Boring Bar Dia. Max. mm 40(1.5")  
Spindle Speed range rpm 40-4000(60-6000)  
Spindle Power (15mins./Cont.) kw 7.5/5.5 (10 hp/7.5 hp)  
Rapid Traverse (X & Z Axes) mm/min 40000 (1575 ipm)  
Programmable Travel      
X-Axis mm 140(5.51")  
Z-Axis mm 365(14.37")  
Axis Thrust      
X-Axis kg 216  
Z-Axis kg 216  
Guide Ways (X & Z Axes)   Linear Motion Guides  
Quill Diameter mm 50 (2)  
Quill Taper Size   MT4  
Quill Thrust Max. kg 250 (550 lb)  
Quill Stroke mm 120 (4.72)  
Tailstock Base Travel mm 245 (9.65)  
Maximum spindle run out at nose mm 0.005 (0.00019")
X & Z Axes Accuracies   JIS VDI 3441
Positioning Accuracies mm 0.005 +/-0.010
Repeatability mm 0.0025 0.005
Length (without accessories) mm 2300 (90.55")  
Height mm 1710 (67.32")  
Width mm 1580 (60.82")  
Height of Spindle center mm 1035 (40.75")  
Weight kg 3000(5280 lb)  
Power Consumption (without options) kva 15  
CNC System   Fanuc / Siemens  
Axes Drive Package   Fanuc / Siemens  
Spindle Drive Package   Fanuc / Siemens