Galaxy Machinery. K'MX 732 EVO

K'MX 732 EVO

Sliding headstock (Swiss type) automatic lathe MANURHIN K’MX 732 EVO is designed for productive machining of parts from the bars of maximal diameter 32 mm. As the spindle bore diameter is 37 mm, there is no modification of the end of the bar for bar feeder collet needed. Machine is equipped in standard with two electro spindles with maximum speed 10.000 rpm each and with rotary guide bush synchronized by pulleys and belts with main spindle. Seven linear CNC axes (X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1, Z2, and W1) two rotary axes (C1, C2) enable to machine with high productivity the simple as well as complex parts. Construction solution enables of use up to 4 tools at the same time.

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Machine parameters
Maximal bar diameter – main spindle Ø 32 mm
Maximum length of turning on one stroke 400 mm
Spindle bor Ø 37 mm
Power (100/40%) main spindle 15 / 25 KW
Maximal speed 8000 rpm
Indexing direction CW and CCW
Main spindle stroke 410 mm
Rapid feed 30 m/min
Number of tool racks 2
Tool racks – horizontal stroke 45 mm
Rapid feed 30 m/min
Tool racks – vertical stroke 180 mm
rapid feed 30 m/min
Tool rack axial - vertical stroke 260 mm
rapid feed 30 m/min
Tool positions (turning) (2 x 5) + (2x4)
Tool shank 16 × 16 mm
Secondary spindle stroke 300 mm
Rapid feed 30 m/min
Maximal bar diameter - sub spindle Ø 32 mm
Maximal length of part inside the secondary spindle for frontal ejection 150 mm
Maximal length of part for frontal ejection 170 mm
Secondary spindle bore Ø 37 mm
Maximal speed of sub spindle 10000 rpm
Power (100/40%) secondary spind 3,7 / 5,5 KW
Evacuation of parts through the sub spindle (for parts max Ø 26 mm) Optional
Air Pressure 0,6 MPa
Air connectio Ø 10 mm
Coolant tank 300 l
Flow 100 l / min
Coolant pump pressure 0,7 MPa
Voltage 3 x 400 V - 50 Hz
Power Input 32 kVA
Cable section 16 mm²
Circuit breakers, fuse 63 A
MACHINE DIMENSIONS 3000x1370x2200 mm