Galaxy Machinery. K'MX 413

K'MX 413

K’MX 413 is dedicated to run small parts from Ø 2–16 mm (over Ø 13 mm a preparation of bars is necessary in standard, as option can be used full Ø 16 mm bar without preparation). Designed as an all package, the K’MX 413 is standardized and ready to produce. Sub spindle, powered tools are included in the basic machine as well as the bar loader. The light kinematic and FANUC 0i controller provides an easy and quick programming reducing the setup time. With 2 electro spindles, 3 powered tools, C-axis, and up to 12 fixed tools, the K’MX 413 is also able to run sophisticated parts. With this machine, GALAXY-TAJMAC Machinery wants to offer an economical, reliable and easy solution.

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Main spindle
Max. machining lengthon one feeding 130 mm
Spindle bore Ø 17 (19) mm
Bar capacity Ø 13 (16) mm
Maximum bar capacity Ø 16 mm
Power of electrospindle motor (100/60%) 3,7/5,5 kW
Maximum spindle speed 12000 rpm
Spindle direction left and righ
Sliding headstock stroke 130 mm
Rapid fee 25 m/min
Horizontal stroke of slide 2×30 mm
Rapid feed 25 m/min
Vertical stroke of slide 135 mm
Rapid feed 25 m/min
Number of external tool stations (max.) 8
Tools shank size OD operations 12×12 mm
Number of internal tool station (max.) 3
Boring for ID tool shank Ø 16 mm
Number of powered tools 3
Collet size ER 11/ ET 1–12
Maximum speed on 2 stations 8000 ot/min
Maximum speed on 1 stations 2600 ot/min
Stroke of longitudinal slide 150 mm
Rapid feed 25 m/min
Bar capacity Ø 13 mm
Maximum bar capacity Ø 16 mm
Power of electrospindle motor (100/60%) 2,2/3,7 kW
Maximum spindle speed 12000 rpm
Maximum length of part inside the spindle 95 mm
Maximum length of part for frontal ejection 130 mm
Evacuation of part through sub spindle option
Air pressure required 6 bar
Connection by "Banjo" coupling Ø 10 mm
Tank capacit 120 l
Flowrat 63 l/min
Pressur 2 bar
Voltage 3×400 V – 50 Hz
Total absorbed power 21 kVA
Fuses for circuit 32 A
Dimensions 1990×1050×1700 mm
Weight 2000 kg